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Refund Policy

Merchandise is refundable within 14 days of purchase, minus a 10% restocking fee. Custom-made or custom-printed merchandise is refundable only if the product is defective. Learn Larp, LLC Event Tickets are non-refundable. Transfering your ticket to another event is available one time only and incurs a $25 fee in addition to any balance due to event pricing. Selling your ticket to another party incurs a $50 fee. Please see below for further Event Ticket information. Magischola Prep’s refund policy is as follows: Camp fees (other than the $250 non-refundable deposit) are eligible for a full refund if canceled before May 1st, or a 50% refund before June 1st. After June 1st, all fees are nonrefundable.

Learn Larp, LLC Event Ticket Policy

  1. Cart Limit
    1. You have a cart limit of 2 tickets per transaction.
    2. If you buy more than 1 ticket, the contact information each ticket holder is expected to be entered at the time of purchase.
  2. Non-refundable
    1. Tickets are non-refundable.
    2. You may transfer your own ticket to another Learn Larp event, one-time only, for a per-ticket administrative fee of $25, as long as there is space available in the event.
    3. Partially paid tickets may not be sold or transferred to another event.
  3. Selling Tickets
    1. If you find that you cannot attend the event, you may sell your ticket to another party. There is a $50 administrative fee to transfer the ticket to a new person, recast them, etc.
      1. The recipient of the ticket will be billed for the $50 transfer fee.
      2. We expect the ticket to be sold for no more than the original price, minus the $50 fee that will be paid by the recipient to activate their ticket.
      3. We won’t broker the sale of your ticket.
        1. When you are satisfied with payment from the new ticket holder, notify us of the person the ticket is turned over to..
        2. Notice of the ticket transfer must be given by email.
        3. The recipient’s ticket will be activated when we have received payment of the $50 fee.
        4. The transfer is finalized at this point. We will not mediate disputes between buyer and seller over payment.
      4. Partially paid tickets may not be sold or transferred to another event.
  4. Payment plans
    1. We have expanded the options to include plans with up to 6 monthly payments.
    2. Using any payment plan means that 5% of the ticket price will be added to the total.
    3. Regardless of the number of payments, the first payment at the time of purchase will never be less than 25% of the ticket price, e.g. (6 Part Payment Plan: 25%, 16%, 16%, 16%, 16%, 16%)
    4. Payment plans do not automatically charge your future payments to your payment method. You will need to set a reminder for yourself to log in and make your payment.
      1. To make a payment log into your account on the store.
        1. You can easily reset your store password by choosing the “forgot my password” option at login.
      2. Select “orders” and your order history will be displayed.
      3. All payments that are due will have an option to “pay”.
        1. The store does not allow for paying early.
        2. If you would like to pay early, you can contact us via email at bamorrow@learnlarp.com and we can manually make the payment eligible to pay now.
        3. There is no incentive to pay early save that satisfaction of knowing that you are paid in full, and not having to worry about it.
        4. The store counts 1 month from the exact time you made your initial purchase. Do not be alarmed if the store does not immediately allow you to pay, especially if you made your first payment in the evening.
    5. Partially paid tickets are non-refundable. Partially paid tickets may not be sold or transferred.
      1. Only paid-in-full tickets may be sold.
      2. Only paid-in-full tickets may be transferred.
    6. At this time, we do not charge any fees or penalties on late payments.
      1. As long as we are paid in full by the “must be paid in full by” date we’ve been happy to accommodate customers who have needed to have more time.
      2. We do reserve the right to ask for outstanding payments to be made by a deadline of our choosing, depending on the numbers of days late and the amount of outstanding payments.
      3. If this deadline is not met, we reserve the right to disable any further payments, and put the ticket back into the inventory to be resold. The partial payments are non refundable.
      4. A ticket that is not paid in full by the deadline will be forfeited.
  5. Bring-A-Friend Tickets
    1. As a special incentive to bringing new participants to Magischola we’re offering discounted tickets.
    2. These tickets are only available to persons who have never attended a full Magischola event as a player before.
      1. You ARE eligible as a new player if you only attended a Magischola game at a convention and not a full event.
      2. You ARE eligible as a new player if you have only NPCed before.
      3. Immerton and Beat Generation are not considered to be Magischola events, and do not affect the Briend-A-Friend Magischola tickets.
    3. Availability
      1. At this time this discounted ticket is available for the NWM events this summer.
        1. New World Magischola 2018 1st Semester June 21-24, 2018
        2. New World Magischola 2018 2nd Semester June 28-July 1, 2018
      2. At this time this discounted ticket is available for the new Magischola Spring Break event this spring.
      3. Yuletide Escapade, Inside Avernus, Imperial Magischola, Immerton, and Magischola Prep do not feature Bring-A-Friend discounted tickets.
    4. Discount
      1. The discounted ticket for NWM this summer is $450, which is a savings of $145 off of the standard NWM ticket price of $595.
      2. The discounted ticket for Magischola Spring Break is $295, which is a savings of $100 off of the standard Spring Break ticket price of $395.
    5. Double-Dipping
      1. A person can only qualify as “brand new” for one event.
        1. A brand new player that will attend Magischola Spring Break, NWM 1st Semester, and NWM 2nd Semester must pick only one event to receive a discounted ticket to.
        2. They can pick any one of those events to be a discounted ticket.
          1. Place the discounted ticket order FIRST.
          2. Even though playing in Magischola Spring Break occurs before NWM this summer, the brand new player can have that discount apply to the summer events instead of the Magischola Spring Break.
            1. But only if they purchase the summer event tickets FIRST.
      1. The Bring-A-Friend discounted ticket is restricted in the Learn Larp, LLC store to only be available for purchase along with a standard ticket.
        1. If selected, the discounted ticket will ALSO add a standard ticket to the cart.
        2. This means that the standard ticket and discount ticket must both be for the same event.
        3. Be careful when viewing your cart that you have not added extra standard tickets.
        4. There is a maximum of 2 discounted tickets per transaction.
          1. This is synced to the standard tickets.
            1. Selecting 2 discounted tickets will ALSO add 2 standard tickets to the cart.
        5. The name and email address fields on the tickets should reflect:
          1. A returning player on the standard ticket.
          2. The brand new player on the discounted ticket.
            1. The email address field must be a valid email.
            2. It must go to the ticket holder’s email inbox.
          3. While we love the spirit of wanting to surprise someone with a gift of a ticket to our events, not having proper contact information for the person receiving the surprise has consistently created problems.
            1. These events ask a lot of the participant.
            2. Ask for their permission before buying.
            3. Give us their correct contact email at purchase.
        6. In the case of purchasing 2 discounted tickets and 2 standard tickets the name and email address fields on the tickets should reflect:
          1. A returning player on each standard ticket.
          2. A brand new player on each discounted ticket.
        7. Two new players. The standard ticket does not necessarily need to be only returning players.
          1. 2 brand new players can still take advantage of the discounted ticket, but
            1. Only 1 of the brand new players can hold the discounted ticket.
            2. The other brand new player must hold the standard ticket.
              1. This new player with this standard ticket will not be qualified for a new player discounted ticket in the future.
                1. Specifically, Anne and Bal are both new players. Anne and Bal purchase tickets to NWM 1st Semester, June 21-24, 2018.
                  1. Anne takes the standard ticket.
                  2. Bal takes the discounted ticket.
                2. Anne and Bal decide to also attend NWM 2nd Semester, June 28-July 1, 2018.
                  1. They must both purchase standard tickets.
                  2. Anne may not take the discounted ticket, even though they had not used the Bring-A-Friend ticket for their first event.
          2. The discounted ticket must be held by a brand new player.
            1. We will not accept under any circumstances a TBD for the new player’s name and email address.
      2. The above circumstances are the only acceptable configurations of brand new and returning players that allow taking advantage of the discounted ticket price.
        1. We reserve the right to review the use of the discounted ticket in each case.
          1. If the discount ticket holder is not a brand new player, the purchaser will be required to pay the $145 difference to become a standard ticket holder.
          2. Not abiding by this policy may result in your ticket being voided, without a refund.