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Ticket to New World Magischola 2017. Includes three nights of lodging, 8 buffet style meals, a robe (loaned, with option to purchase at game’s end) course book, house tie, character coaching and workshops.  Experience magical courses at wizard college, make friends, crush rivals, scowl at frenemies. Attend the formal dance, vie for the First House Trophy.

EDIT: As a cost savings measure, linens are not automatically provided with the ticket purchase. There is a store add-on if you’d like the linens service. If you do not elect to add the Linen Package, we suggest bringing sheets, blanket, pillow, and towel.

1st Semester: 1st year students are drafted into the five houses of NWM with the Welcome Formal Dance on Saturday Night.

2nd Semester: 3rd year students graduate from Magischola and earn the title of Wizard with the Farewell Formal Dance on Saturday Night. New House Presidents are selected from among the 2nd year students.

Any participant is welcome to join 1st or 2nd Semester events, playing in a previous event is NOT a requirement to play in any of the 2017 events, and all are encouraged to choose the event date that is most convenient.

NWM5: June 15-18, 2017. 2nd Semester

NWM6: June 22-25, 2017. 2nd Semester

NWM7: June 29-July 2, 2017. 1st Semester

NWM8: July 6-9, 2017. 2nd Semester

LIMIT: 2 tickets per customer.

Payment Plan Details:

Use of the payment plan will incur an additional 5% charge on the ticket price.

The 3 part monthly payment plan (3 payments over two months) will no longer be available after March 31st.

The 2 part monthly payment plan (2 payments over 1 month) will no longer be available after April 30th.

All tickets must be paid-in-full by June 1st, 2017.

NOTE 03/20/2017: Having received reports of confirmation emails landing in spam folders, we strongly suggest that you whitelist shop@learnlarp.com or add it to your address book in order to receive your order confirmation. Thank you!

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NWM5: June 15-18, 2017. 2nd Semester, NWM6: June 22-25, 2017. 2nd Semester, NWM7: June 29-July 2, 2017. 1st Semester, NWM8: July 6-9, 2017. 2nd Semester