New World Magischola Wizard Pin Up Calendar


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2018 Wizard Pin-Up Calendar for Charity
12 months, At least 12 naughty, sexy, surprising wizards from across the Magimundi, photographed in the cheeky pin-up style. Wizards depicted were selected from among NWM players, and reflect NWM values of diversity of gender, body type, ability, and more.

A dedicated team of fans has put together this awesome project to raise funds for Wizard School Scholarships, to help make the larps available to as many people as possible. They will fund a minimum of four 50% scholarships for NWM, and then, depending on funds available, fund partial scholarships for Magischola Prep.

To reserve your 2018 calendar and contribute to the scholarship fund, pay what you will in the field above, with a minimum of $20. You’ll receive your calendars in time to ring in the New Year, and you’ll have a whole year’s worth of fun with these inspiring wizards watching over you, and the knowledge that you helped make the experience of NWM affordable for those who need it.


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