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Due to a very generous anonymous donation, we were able to offer $19750 in scholarships (discounts to the tickets up to as much as 52% of the price), for the 2017 NWM summer events. Recognizing that we have an opportunity to continue to provide these discounts that make the Magischola experience more affordable, we’re introducing a simple and easy way to make a donation to our Scholarship fund in any amount that you choose.

Your donation will be applied towards scholarships for the Magischola Prep summer camp events aimed at participants between 11 and 17 years of age, which are granted to participants based on the level of need they indicate when applying for the scholarships.

Donors also have the option to be listed on our Hall of Heroes as recognition for contributing to the scholarship fund.

Thank you!

(Learn Larp, LLC is not a tax exempt 501(c)(3). Until we form a separate, tax-exempt company to manage the donations, your donations are unfortunately not tax-deductible.)

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Immerton: Oct 5-8, 2017