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Need a little more magic in your life?

What if … 

You could play in the Magimundi year-round and find your friends online in a safe, secure space for ongoing connection.

… you could find new content and new stories every month, in a world that grows and changes.

… you could develop a character over time and roleplay with others to tell intimate, suspenseful, whimsical, emotional, and powerful stories

New World Magischola — and locations across the Magimundi — are open. Join us online via the Catoptrics Network and stay connected through your magic mirrors.

(Maury says: Mirror magic had been in existence for ages, but it was New World Magischola students who networked and aligned enchanted mirrors, using powerful light spells to communicate. This was the start of the Catoptrics Network that eventually spread throughout the Magimundi!)

For the past five years, thousands of people from around the globe have escaped to the magical world of the Magimundi through our live events. There, you can be a hero, save the day, find romance, challenge villains and discover magic as the star of your own story in an immersive environment that makes you forget about life’s doldrums and mundanity. 

It’s a life-changing experience of empowerment, camaraderie, thrills, and fun. The actions you take change the story as it unfolds before your eyes. Your choices matter. YOU matter. 

For the first time, we are bringing the magic of the Magimundi online through virtual experiences. Now you can escape into the magical world from your computer or mobile device whenever you want. Be the wizard you were meant to be. On your schedule.

We’re in rapid development of new ways to collaboratively roleplay online using text, voice, video, and virtual reality systems. The everyday world is changing before our eyes, and we’re busy building a magical world for you to play in with your friends and family. We want you to join us!

We’d originally planned on a monthly subscription price of $9.97 per month to join.

Due to the COVID-19’s burden on people’s lives and incomes, we’re instead offering a pay what you want monthly subscription model, with the suggested price of $9.97 per month. Those who are doing well are welcome to contribute more if they want to help offset the low pay-what-you-want price and help others take part. (Ben says: The store interface is set to $1 minimum, however if you are experiencing hardship now, please contact me at and we’ll get you set up.) 

We want to make the Magimundi experience one that is living, immersive, and accessible. Having carried hidden and secret lore for five years with no suitable place during live events, we’re excited about the possibilities of these stories being told in online play!

Moderators and Admins will take custody of the experience, enforce our code of conduct, and intervene directly should things go awry.

Find the Dean at New World Magischola, search for the Prisoner below Imperial, or pick a fight with Jack Slager in Avernus (Ben says: Don’t pick a fight with Jack Slager in Avernus). (Maury says: Or just meet your friends at the Mission at midnight to divvy up there.)

Plus, you’ll take part in a consistent, singular, canonical timeline that you get to change through your play.  

Specifics of your monthly subscription:

  • 24/7 online access to the world of the Magimundi via our private, curated, and moderated Discord server.
  • Connect with others in in-character and out-of-character channels.
  • Roleplay as your current Magimundi character(s), submit your own character design, or create a character that fits your preferences.
  • If you are new to the Magimundi, we’re happy to help you create a character concept during onboarding.
  • Join live and play-by-post voice and text roleplay as your Magimundi character at the following in-world locations:
    • Imperial Magischola
    • New World Magischola
    • Morts-Vivants
    • Province Marshal Offices
    • Avernus Prison
    • Loup Garou Lodges
    • Alumni Events & School Reunions
    • With special rooms, groups, and clubs at each location!
  • Vote on new content and ideas for continued world-building in the Magimundi.
  • Monthly “Canonical Events Impacting the Magimundi” updates posted for continual storytelling, roleplay, and worldbuilding.
  • Reservable online spaces to hold your own online roleplay shenanigans with others on your schedule, with archiving.
  • Your character’s name, House or Court, and major listed as students, faculty, or alumni from New World or Imperial Magischola on official school records in Magimundi History, as well as on the wiki. 
  • Weekly story-starters as the world grows and progresses. 
  • Early Access to Compendium of Cryptids & Creatures Vol. 2 by Wyn Diego (written by Mike Young). Every two weeks we’ll release a creature’s entry, story, and artwork, which will then be available for use in roleplay sessions.
  • Monthly Live Q&A where you can get questions answered by the creators regarding Magimundi Lore, live events details, projects in development, policy
  • Early access to tickets for online and in-person events (48 hours before non-subscribers)
  • Opportunity to join live online roleplay campaigns for customized stories.
  • Access to live roleplay session archives from synchronous sessions (with the permission of players).
  • Bring your online character to our live events.

This is a brand new model of bringing the Magimundi to you! Beyond the basic subscription, we’re going to be testing prototype adventures in different formats to offer as a paid add-on to the Magimundi Online subscription. Participant interest and feedback will drive how those will develop and grow!

Upcoming Additional Opportunities for Online Play with Magimundi Online

  • 2-Hour Live Text-Based Roleplay Sessions
      • Scheduled and set for 3-5 participants
      • Facilitated by the Magimundi creators or a special guest
      • 60-Minute Onboarding and Relationship Building prior to play
      • Great for those who love to write, or prefer not to roleplay live by voice or camera
      • Opportunity to playtest the In-Depth School Life Magischola RPG in Development
  • 8-week Play-by-Post Facilitated Online Roleplay Campaign
      • Time flexible: Facilitator and Participants write in rotation. 
      • Great for busy folks or people with a variable schedule
      • Play as much or as little as you like
      • No need to remain “always on”
      • Event concludes and story wraps up at the end of the 8 weeks, in time for the next campaign sign up.
      • Can support up to 12 players and multiple concurrent plot threads.
      • Ben says: This is the format that I’m most excited about!
  • 4-Week Live Voice/Video 2-Hour Online Roleplay Sessions
      • Sessions have multiple options for gameplay
      • The Magimundi TableTop System is fast, easy-to-learn the nuances of in minutes, and can be played in our discord voice channels
      • Consent-based larp system to get a taste of the live event experience, costume up with a custom background, and play your session on our private Zoom account with multiple rooms.
      • Scheduled and set for 5-8 participants
      • 60-Minute Onboarding and Relationship Building prior to play
      • Participate in Prelude Sessions for Upcoming Live Events

All sessions will use our consent and calibration tools as adapted for online play. 

Participants in sessions can decide together whether or not to share the session logs with the rest of the Magimundi Online community. We want to balance privacy with how hard it is to add to canon when you don’t share; that’s why we’ve made it your choice!

We’ll announce dates and pricing for the add-on events in a few weeks. For now, we want you to join us on the Catoptrics Network with Magimundi Online. Let’s tell great stories together and support each other in a virtual community where the magic of connection is absolutely real. 

A new world awaits! We’ll see you there!

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